My first son started preschool this week and this mama was way more excited than ever! To be honest I never believed in preschool, I wanted him to stay home until kindergarten. I had many reasons of wanting to keep him home and here they are:

1. I wanted him to be fluent in Igbo language and I believed his interactions with other kids in school will bring his Igbo language education to a halt.

2. I didn’t see the point in wasting money for him to be educated on things that he will have to learn again once he starts kindergarten.

3. I didn’t see the point of paying for preschool and at the same time paying for childcare services for his younger brother.

4. I was afraid of him becoming frequently sick from other kids.

5. I also wasn’t sure he fully ready for school

Over the summer, my nieces visited and I could see how my son loved their interactions. He was very comfortable with them but at the same time he couldn’t fully participate in all their activities. He didn’t know how to share his toys and his language capacity was also limited. He didn’t speak full sentences and also could not communicate simple phrases like “want water” or “eat bread”. Sometime in October 2020, I had a childcare emergency which meant the kids had to spend the night at a family friend’s house. When I dropped them off, my son quickly said his goodbyes without hesitation. While his younger brother wailed and cried his eyes out, big brother didn’t seem bothered. I had my a-ha moment and knew he was ready for school.

I really struggled to find an affordable preschool within the area but I eventually did. To cut costs we decided he would attend 3 times a week. He started school January 6th, 2021 and by the morning of Jan 9th reason number 4 already happened. He had a fever of 101.4 and by the evening he had running nose and slight cough. Ugh what a nightmare!

Your real Nigerian mum/wife/sis. Great story teller but not the best writer